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Anna Marie DeGerlia, CSAM

Phone:314-991-4355 x3024

My recruiting career is built upon 20+ years of management experience. Working in other industries, where I have hired and trained hundreds of people, has given me tremendous insight into the needs of my clients as well as candidates.

Since joining Westport One, I have been recognized as "Rookie of the Year" and have passed several milestones in my tenure with the company.

My philosophy is simple: Be fair and honest at all times and build good relationships. I have learned that partnering with clients fosters a more positive experience for the client in that the search is enhanced when the client takes the time to identify their needs and desires. I recognize that both the employer and the candidate are looking for specific qualities in the other. My job is to make a good match.

Areas of Specialization

  • EVP and SVP level executives
  • Commercial lenders
  • Compliance
  • Treasury management
  • Business bankers
  • Loan review
  • Credit analysts
  • Chief credit officers
  • Market presidents
  • Financial advisors
  • Private bankers
  • Special assets
  • Portfolio managers
  • Back office personnel
  • Equipment leasing representatives
  • Bank Underwriters
  • Mortgage professionals

Customer Testimonials

"I was very impressed by the quality of the candidates and the speed with which they were presented. I would happy work with Westport One again."

"We normally don't use a recruiter because it is too expensive for our small bank. In this case we did, because we needed someone so I could retire. I can't say for sure if it had made any difference, but I didn't find out until after we hired the candidate that he was going to be fired if he didn't quit his previous job. I would suggest a person to person interview before recommending someone to the bank. Just a suggestion so the account person is comfortable with him. I would not hire someone without seeing them, so I think it's hard to recommend someone by talking over the phone. The first week went OK, so we hope that continues."

"I think Anna Marie is the best. Ever since we started working together she has been on the ball and extremely easy to work with. She knows the business and how I like to work. The employee we have here that Anna Marie placed are excellent and here for the long-haul!"

"As always, Anna Marie got the job done. She always come through when I need her most. We were ready to throw in the towel and just go contract for our Compliance Officer and Anna Marie saved the day. She was the perfect candidate we had been looking for all along! We now have Anna Marie searching for loan closing specialists and has been extremely successful in sending us top-quality candidates!"

"I've thought a lot about how to express my gratitude towards Anna Marie and Westport One. And, while I am deeply ensconced in the banking industry, fraught with numbers and equations all day long, I've decided to dust off my quill pen and write a wee bit of prose. Anna Marie, You fought for me like a banshee, You are who I want to associate, When I begin to negotiate. You sometimes had to coach me, But always to a tolerable degree. You thought I was a just cause, Everyone should stand up and give you applause."

"Anna Marie walked me through every step of the way, I was very impressed with her follow through and her help along each aspect of the process I encounter."

"My account executive was extremely helpful in finding things about me and then looking for possible positions that would best fit my needs. This was very reassuring and helpful!"

"Was referred to Anna Marie by my boss at the time, who made it clear to me that if there were better opportunities out there for someone with my skills, I should explore them. I was put in contact with her at just the right time for me, as luck would have it, as I had my interviews just prior to a company overhaul at my former employer that left me without a job at all. Through her hard work and diligence I was not left in the cold for long and recently started the next phase of my career. Not only that, but I was also able to get the salary I was looking for, and a better benefits package that I would have expected. Anna Marie is a fantastic asset and someone I would happily refer potential clients to in the future."

"Extremely impressed with the timeliness of your entire process."

"Anna Marie was awesome. She helped me prepare for a polished interview with simple reminders. She also helped me transition out of the old jib with dignity and class. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new job. In think she found me at the point of burnout and I should of been looking elsewhere but didn’t due to time....she not only found me a "today job" but also a 5 and 10 years from now job."

"I hope you know what an asset Anna Marie is to your company. I hope you let her know how much you appreciate her. I have never met an Account Executive with the skill level of excellence that Anna Marie possesses! Combined with her "straight talk" personality, she is also one "fine" AC. Most of all I did and still do trust her. I appreciate her!!"

"Do Not Let Anna Marie DeGerlia go! Great recruiter! Very happy with new found position. I was not looking for the position. Anna Marie gave me the initial push I needed to move forward into this new position."

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